Friday, May 1, 2009

Vasambu For Babies

Vasambu by itself is a great medicine to treat gassiness and stomach-ache in infants. Becasue of its medicinal values, its also called 'pillai valarpaan' in tamil or 'herb that protects babies'. It helps in removing gassiness, stomach discomfort, chest cold etc. Vasambu is cut into small circular pieces and then tied around the wrist, again this is supposed to be good for the stomach.

A minute paste of vasambu and honey also helps. Abdominal distension is treated by oral ingestion of vasambu (sweet flag) or external application of the root, which had been burnt in flame and made into a paste with breast milk. This is purely the contributor's experience. Pl consult your doctor/physician before introducing to anything. The author/website owners cannot take any responsibility for any outcomes that may arise from following the advice given above.

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